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Magic Behind the Advertising


About This Course

“Alex truly helped me to improve the quality of my photos for my business. I just would take pictures of my products on my white table with my phone and wonder why people weren’t buying anything. But with Alex’s help, I was able to learn the ins and outs of product photography and turn my business around.”

Matt Bright, Online store owner.

Course Curriculum


Magic Behind the Advertising-Part 1



In this module, you will learn how and what you can do to give emotions what the client looks for in advertising product.

Magic Behind the Advertising-Part 2



Alex is explaining where to start: what camera, lenses, and lighting you will need to get going with product photography in advertising.

Magic Behind the Advertising-Part 3



Learn what makes Alex's method of shooting on a white background unique and how to build it by yourself.


Magic Behind the Advertising-Shooting-Part 1


Part 1

In this module, you will learn how to take images of any product on a white background out of the camera. As a result, you will have images that will be good to be published in an e-store after camera raw conversion and crop. No further post-production is required.

Magic Behind the Advertising-Shooting-Part 2


Part 2

In this lesson, you will learn how to start your photography business and make it running. With over 15 years of photography business running, Alex unveils strategies that worked the best for him and his students.

Magic Behind the Advertising-Shooting-Part 3


Part 3

The technique you'll learn will help you to shoot not only your regular tabletop items but also will work perfectly well for jewelry photography. You will learn how to make professional images of jewelry on a pure white background!


Magic Behind the Advertising-Post-Production-Part 1


Full Post-Production in Adobe Photoshop

In this module, you will learn how and what you can do to give emotions what the client looks for in advertising product.

I was a little skeptical at first that I could learn the nuances of product photography in only 90 minutes and without having to spend too much money on equipment, but Alex truly blew my mind. He explained everything in a way that even a beginner in the industry would understand, and I quickly noticed a change in how my business was performing after I started to implement his strategies in my own photography. I will always be grateful to Alex for all he taught me!

Matt Bright, Online store owner.

Before-After Post-Production

Left – SOOC (straight out of the camera),  Right– after Adobe Photoshop


1 hour, 30 minutes




Online Video Course

Magic Behind Advertising Photography


Most frequent questions and answers

You will need only basic equipment: 2 speedlites (or any other studio or non-studio lighting), camera, lens (macro if you are going to shoot jewelry), table, and a few foam core boards. That’s it! Alex will show you how to build a setup that will let you take pictures of any tabletop item.

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