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Jewelry Photography with light painting course

Learn how to use light painting in jewelry photography


This course is for jewelry photographers, and it is about light painting technique that you can use in your jewelry photography work.


After taking this course photographer will know how to create stunning artistic jewelry images with a single light.


Unlike with most jewelry and product photography, there are no light modifiers that will be needed: we did not use softboxes, diffusers or reflectors for this course. Only a camera with a macro lens, LED light and a few other DIY things were used to create the images for this course.

The Light Painting Technique From This Photography Course:


  • Low-Cost Lighting Setup:

    Setup: No special lighting gear is required, you can do light painting with any flashlight or LED fixture (more about this during the course gear lesson)

  • Unique Look For Gemstones:

    With a special technique shown in this jewelry photography course photographer will be able to create a very detailed image of large gemstones, with a unique look of internal and external facets, and create the best look for a jewelry piece.

  • Easy Background Color Switching:

    Ability to switch between white/black and any other background without changing the composition or re-mounting the jewelry piece.

  • Creative Look For True Artistic Jewelry Work:

    With light painting, a photographer is not limited by the shape/size of light modifiers which allows creating a true artistic photos for the most beautiful jewelry pieces.


  • Since Focus Stacking is not possible, the photographer is limited by the maximum DOF (depth of field) of the lens. Therefore, a good macro lens is more preferable. More about this on the course’s gear lesson.

  • Light Painting won’t work for a catalog-style image, where repeatable results (same look) is required.

This course is for you, if you are:

  • Beginner in jewelry photography or a hobbyist looking for an easy way to start taking images of jewelry, watches and small crafts without spending money on studio equipment.

  • Experienced product/jewelry photographer who are looking for ways to add new, more creative techniques to make their pictures of jewelry standout and will attract more customers and make photography their business more competitive in the market place.

  • Jewelry maker that want to create artistic images of their own products, without hiring a professional photographer and those who want to learn specifics of creating a variety of different image styles for your commercial clients.

Gear requirements:​

  • Mirrorless or DSLR camera, 50-150mm lens (macro lens is necessary for subjects smaller than 6-10 inches)

  • LED flashlight or LED lighting fixture that can be used hand-held.

  • Camera Tripod (heavier is better)

  • Remote camera shutter release or tethered connection to a computer running a tethered shooting software

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS6 or latest cloud editions)


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Light Painting for Jewelry Photographers


Most frequent questions and answers

Any camera with a macro lens attached will work. Modern digital cameras are capable of capturing a great photos that will work for online or print placements.

You'll need a few pieces of white diffused materials such as tracing paper or Savage translum plastic

Macro Lens, and any flashlight with 200 or more lumens.

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