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About this course

Make e-commerce jewelry shoots an efficient and profitable part of your product photography business.


If you are just starting out and don’t have much equipment, don’t worry because you will also learn how to build your own light modifiers quickly and easily, for very little money.


The course provides post-production walk-throughs by two different instructors. Plus, because clients sometimes just need good-enough quality with quick turnaround times, the instructors demonstrate two distinct approaches: one longer, in-depth retouch and one shorter, “quick-and-dirty” retouch of the same ring.

Who will benefit the most from this course?

  • Photographers seeking to learn how to shoot jewelry on pure white backgrounds for paying clients.

  • Craftmakers who create their own jewelry and need high quality images for their online stores (Etsy, eBay).

  • Hobbyists and photography beginners who would like to learn jewelry photography without spending lots of money on studio lighting.

Course Curriculum

Course includes over 5.5 hours of instruction in 14 video lessons

Part 1: Gear for Jewelry Photography

Jewelry E-Commerce, Gear


Choosing the Right Gear

In this video, you will learn all about the gear you will need to photograph jewelry close-up, including:

  • Camera and Lenses for close-up jewelry photography
  • Options on lighting systems for video production
  • Selecting and using the right light modifiers, from diffusers to cones, plus how to create them yourself if you have a limited budget
  • Strobes versus continuous lights: advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Fresnel lens versus reflector with honeycomb grids
  • C-stands and other grip equipment

Part 2: Shooting, Practical Lesson

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 1


A Case Study: Working with a student request

The course kicks off with an actual case study posed by a student commissioned to photograph a piece of jewelry for a client. Alex works within the constraints of the job to help the student get a brief, but all-encompassing overview of the necessary techniques to capture the image, from the positioning of the lights and subject to automating the focus-stacking process in Photoshop.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 2


Blue Ring Shot

Learn how to photograph a ring with just two diffusers while taking control of the reflections that define the shape and polished surface of the ring’s band. In this video, you will also learn a simple process for determining the optimal placement of your strobes to create the best highlights.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 3


Yellow Ring Shot 

With a few minor adjustments to the lighting setup, see how to ensure all of the gemstones are well-lit, using the basic setup from the previous lesson.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 4


DIY a Photography Cone

In this lesson, learn how to create a simple DIY shooting cone that attaches perfectly to your camera lens.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 5


Pink Earrings with a Shooting Cone

Shooting suspended earrings requires a different set up. In this lesson, you will learn how to create this easy to adjust setup that is great for high-volume jobs.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 6


Shooting Moonstone & Amber Earrings

The work with earrings continues in this lesson, demonstrating the practicality of the setup, even when the jewelry items have a combination of gemstones.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 7


Shooting a Necklace with the Cone

In this lesson, the basic earring setup is adapted to use with a suspended necklace.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 8


Tricky Stuff: Shooting Ring from the Front, Part 1

A completely different approach is needed to shoot a ring from the front. This lesson demonstrates a simple, high volume approach to capture this tricky image.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Shooting Part 9


Tricky Stuff: Shooting Ring from the Front, Part 2

The shooting lessons conclude with a wrap-up demonstrating the utility of the setup created in the previous segment.

Part 3: Post-Production

Jewelry E-Commerce, Post-Production Part 1


Pink Ring by Ilya Plotnikov

Retouching instructor Ilya Plotnikov demonstrates a straight forward post-production workflow any photographer can follow to create the final image of the pink ring, from surface cleanup to color correction.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Post-Production Part 2


Blue Ring by Artem Pissarevskiy,

In-Depth Retouch

In this lesson, Retouching instructor Artem Pissarevskiy walks you through an in-depth retouch of the blue gemstone ring, covering the steps and techniques you need to know to create a flawless, commercial quality final image.

Jewelry E-Commerce, Post-Production Part 3


Blue Ring by Artem Pissarevskiy,

Fast Retouch

When speed and efficiency matter, you need to know how to apply the right techniques to get the best results possible. In this final post-production lesson, Artem shows what is possible to achieve with the same ring, but in just 15 minutes. The workflow obviously needs to be different, so Artem teaches you  how to get maximum results in the minimum time, a crucial skill for high-volume e-commerce work. One of the rings took five times longer to retouch, but which one?


Jewelry Webinar Recorded


Online Workshop Recording

The recorded webinar where instructor Alex Koloskov explains what gear (cameras, lenses, lighting and light modifiers) are suitable for jewelry photography and demonstrates how to use this gear to create beautiful, focus-stacked images of jewelry on a white background. Includes the full live Q&A!


  • Learn to take great shots even on a tight budget. You will learn how to create your own DIY light modifiers and get gorgeous results.​

  • Two professional retouchers demonstrate their personal workflows for commercial-quality results. As a bonus, they also teach you how to obtain the best result possible when your client’s budget and turnaround time demand economy and speed.​

  • Quick and easy-to-follow lessons. We know that you don’t have lots of time to spend, so we keep it brief!​

  • Ask questions on our online forum and get answers from our professional instructors.​

  • Lifetime access to the course materials.

  • After course completion, you’ll have an option to submit your homework to be reviewed by the instructor – professional feedback is key to successful learning!​


5 hours, 48 minutes




Online Video Course

Jewelry Photography For E-Commerce

Meet your Instructors

Founder of Photigy

Alex Koloskov

Alex is one of the worlds best commercial advertising photographers, co-founder, and teacher at

Retoucher at Photigy

Artem Pissarevskiy

Artem is a 23 years old retoucher from Finland, he’s been working in the post-production field for about 4 years.


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