About this course

Learn advanced photography techniques in commercial product photography. Lighting, view camera and post-production
If you want to improve your commercial photography skills, this photography course is what will help you on your way.


We will show you all tricks of shooting polished metal, and will explain how to work with a view camera in product photography. You will also learn the secrets of post-production in Adobe Photoshop, which will help you to create exceptional images.

What you will learn from this course:

  • How to setup lighting for polished glossy metal

    We’ll show the secrets in lighting for glossy metal which will help you to create beautiful commercial pictures.

  • How to work with a view camera

    We’ll explain you all benefits and drawbacks of using a view camera in product photography.

  • Tricks of retouching this coffee maker image​

    Retouching is an essential part of the process, and our expert will teach you the tricks of post-production for this outstanding coffee maker image.

Before-After Post-Production

BEFORE   - Out Of The Camera

AFTER - Photoshop

Course Curriculum


Lighting Setup


Lighting Setup

Part 2- Reflections



Part 3- More Chrome Reflections


More Chrome Reflections

Part 4- Cup of Coffee


Cup of Coffee

Part 5- Making a Splash Cup


Making a Splash Cup

Part 6-Making a Coffee Splash


Making a Coffee Splash

Part 7- Final Shooting


Final Shooting


Post- Production, Part 1


Post- Production, Part 1

Part 9-Post-Production, Part 2.


Post- Production, Part 2

Part 10- Post-Production, Part 3


Post- Production, Part 3

Part 11- Post-Production, Part 4


Post- Production, Part 4

For your Inspiration:

Work of Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova

Coffee Maker Product Photography

Photigy School Of Photography 2020